Jul, 25, 2018

The happiest person I can recall was Marie.  She was a 99 year old, Hershey Kiss addicted, very happy and toothless lady.  When I found out she was from Georgia, I asked if she was a Georgia Peach?   She retorted in her lovely southern drawl, “I’m a Georgia Crack-ah!”.  Needless to say, I was very charmed by that little lady.

She was a resident in the rest home I worked in about 15 years ago.   I loved taking care of her.  She was always smiling and we’d have little chats about her life. I once asked Marie her secret to happiness.  She said, “my Mammy once said she decides to be happy so I did that too”.  A very dated, yet accurate response.   Remember she was a 99 year old southerner.

Marie was also a palm reader.  One evening, she carefully read the story of my life with her softly withered finger.  I asked, will I live to 100?  “Nope.” she said.  I had to laugh at her blunt answer.  She guessed I’d live to, “maybe 86”.  So at 49, maybe most of my life has gone by.  Maybe I should worry.  If Marie’s right, I’ve got about 37 years to go. Then again, that’s also a ton of time:  37 years = 13,505 days = 324,120 hours.

Birthdays always leave me contemplating my time on earth.  As my friend Tammy Carter said on her last birthday.  “When I actually stop and think about the fact that I’m almost 50, I can’t help but think WAIT! What the heck? I don’t want to maybe be half done! Then I pause and think, well, when I look back on things back in my teenage years I feel like it was a lifetime ago. ..and in that case, I still have at least another lifetime to go! That makes me lucky♡”

So, feeling lucky and maybe buying some Hershey’s Kisses today.


  1. Live well, you could be here for a long time.
  2. Time is elastic, if you have any doubts remember recess.  I could get married, play, pee and make a new friend, all in 15 minutes.
  3. Eat the chocolate.




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