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Aug, 07, 2018

Alright it’s that time again.  I’ve decided to get into shape.  For real.  No really!  That is literally the conversation I’ve been having for the last few days.  To be clear, I’ve been talking to myself.

My inspiration was biking 15 miles up Mackenzie Pass outside of Sisters, OR this past weekend.  It was a big accomplishment but felt like I’d scratched the surface of my ability.  Next year, I intend to race my guy Roger to the top.  This year he graciously stuck with me and encouraged me the whole way ‘sigh’ ♥

My goal is lose 5% of my body weight.  And to gain some abs. Ha!  Note the last post about this: The slippery slope to inactivity.  I’m not good with tons of rules but have decided on a few.

  • Use a food tracking app. I chose MyFitnessPal
  • Eat less than 24 grams of added sugar daily.  That means no candy….pie…ice cream…baked goods….
  • A few less drinking nights, including that glass of wine with dinner.
  • Two workout dates a week with my guy.
  • A walk after dinner, every night.
  • Water, lots of it.
  • Stretching 5 minutes a day.
  • Plank for 1 minute a day.

So I geeked out about this goal over coffee today.  I purposely made the ‘rules’ achievable and trackable.  For instance.  My goal is lose 5%. That is 7.345 pounds over 8 weeks.   That’s less than 1 pound a week: 0.90182 to be exact.

Did you know?

0.9182 pounds = 2113.70 calories/ week

0.1311 pounds = 459 calories/day

Somehow geeking out over this goal is making it really doable.  Just 459 less calories a day.  Or exercise more…or both.  So far.  I’m on day 2.   I did resist Haagen das ice cream and mini chocolate candy bars at work yesterday.  I felt like a hero.  No really.

On the positive side, I can drink coffee all day long.  There’s more food on the OK list than on the ‘no’ list and Roger’s on board for the challenge.  Feeling really good people, really good.


  1. Decide on a goal, rather than force yourself.
  2. Break up big goals into small steps.
  3. Keep it fun.
  4. Treat yourself once in awhile.  Our cheat day is Friday!


  1. Oh She Glows I’m trying this recipe tonight. I also suggest her vegan Alfredo sauce, it doesn’t taste vegan.  Just sayin.   https://ohsheglows.com/2011/03/10/butternut-squash-mac-n-cheeze-two-ways/
  2. Heather Rose, Health Coach She posts herself walking the walk.  And she’s my friend’s kid.  http://www.pictameni.com/p/heatherrosehealthcoach
  3. Skinny Runner She’s annoyingly pretty and skinny but has been consistently kicking ass for years.  https://www.skinnyrunner.com/my-running-story/
  4. In case you need something funny.  Or a new workout…Prancercising


July 25, 2018
August 11, 2018

Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.

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    John Turner

    September 20, 2018

    Quit biking up McKenzie pass and start fishing the Metolius!!!! Big fish and lots of them.

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