Food is love….

Aug, 30, 2018

Food is love, at least to me.  If you’ve ever come to dinner at my home, I’ve fed you…probably too much.  I love to eat, even more I LOVE to feed people my home cooking.  It warms my heart.  Be warned.  If I cook for you, I may stare awkwardly at you and ask with childlike hope  “What do you think?”.  I am thrilled by compliments and even enjoy suggestions.  Mostly, it’s about the giving of food.  I think sharing food one of the most pure forms of affection.

I love feeding people but do not call myself a ‘feeder’. One enlightening google search changed that.  The urban dictionary defines a feeder as “usually a male who likes to encourage weight gain in his partner through the consumption of food….A feeder gets turned on by making a thin girl fat….or a big girl even bigger.” ‘Feederism’ is the overall topic if you’re interested in more googling. Let’s just move on and say being a ‘feeder’ is not my thing. No judgement for any feeders or feedees out there.  I’m just more of a foodie or food nerd.

Cooking has long been a passion for me.  I’ve even blogged about it.  I truly enjoy being in  the kitchen.  I lose track of time when I cook or bake.  Hours can pass until I’ve created something yummy and I emerge renewed.

I love nerding out with other foodies, talking technique or recipes.  This summer I was obsessed with grilled peaches and burrata cheese thanks to Roger’s sister.  Yum!

Fresh Peaches with Burrata Cheese

I have favorite chefs and enjoy trying new recipes. This winter I’m looking forward to making more of Marcella Hazan’s recipes. I have made her Bolognese sauce several times.  It’s great over baked spaghetti squash. I seriously love it.  It might make you cry with joy… more likely you’ll just really like it.

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen is my go to blogger.  The best foodie gift I ever received is a signed copy of her book with a picture of Debperelman_smittenkitcheneveryday_3dbookshot holding the book, next to my sister Carmen and my pic on my sister’s phone.  So cool!!!  Told you, I’m a nerd.  She and my niece Emilie stood in line for hours for that picture.  <3 

I love to eat with other people and enjoy going out or being hosted for dinner.  It’s especially enduring when someone gives the last of a delicious dish.  Last year on a date, Roger offered me the last of a small appetizer.  I asked if he didn’t like it.  He said, “I want you to have it because it’s so delicious”.  Be still my heart.


  1. Do what you love.
  2. Eat something delicious at least once a week.
  3. Be sure how you label yourself is accurate.



Marcella Hazan Changed My Life | The New Yorker

Smitten Kitchen

Urban Dictionary

I Accidentally Fell into the Feeder Fetish Community–MUNCHIES


September 6, 2018

Paula Stokes

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