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Sep, 24, 2018


We need space to be creative.   I mentioned in another post that I used travel to escape.  When I did get out in the world, writing seemed so much easier.  This year I attempted to find that same space in my everyday life.  I’m happy to say I’ve found it.  My space is home or the coffee shop with my little MacBook and a cup of coffee.  I was tickled to read my friend Tammy’s post about a new creative space her husband made for her birthday.


Welcome Tammy my second guest poster!  Tammy and I work together at the local hospital.  As well as being fab nursing staff, she makes jewelry, hunts for crystals and snuggles her granddaughter.


Following is a post about her new creative work space her hubby Phil just finished.  When he’s not whipping up amazing spaces he plays in  Space Band.  Enjoy!

“For my birthday a couple of months ago, my husband said he wanted to give me a space of my own for my work. Being a bit of an instant gratification kind of girl, I tried to hurry things along by telling him it’s a garage and it doesn’t need to be perfect…HE said yes it does♡ He wanted to hand it over to me clean and beautiful and perfect.
It’s not just the amazing rebuild of the saw/polisher, the pretty red 2 barreled tumbler or the drill press. It’s not just the beautiful lacquered counter with the matching wide windowsill for all my plants. It’s not just the glossy black sparkle floor, the shelves and magnetic bars so I can find all my tools at a glance, the cozy chair and the fireplace and my favorite tapestries…for my birthday you gave me inspiration, a magical space where creativity pours out effortlessly. I appreciate all the lovely, thoughtful details that makes it perfect for me and am overflowing with gratitude 😍 Thanks babe, you’re the best!”-Tammy Carter


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