Fear is a big, fat liar

Sep, 24, 2018

Fear is a big fat liar.  Fear holds us back, stops us from trying new things.  It stops us from taking chances.  We get scared to try something new.  Fear comes up when learning a new skill, trying a risky sport, asking someone out or applying for a job.  There’s plenty of scary things and each of us has our own set of fears.  Pushing through a fear can boost confidence and propel us forward.  As a bonus, when we surpass a fear we are left with bravery.

My fear?  I’m still a bit afraid of the dark.  And water.  And sharks.  And heights.  And clowns.  But, I manage to swim in the ocean, walk on cliff trails, travel solo and manage to get to the bathroom solo in the dark. In reflection, it appears I’m most afraid of clowns.  Thanks a lot Steven King.

Also….like most of us, I’m afraid of looking silly.  Self promotion whips up my fear of looking silly.  Last month, a friend said she didn’t feel safe following the online link to my blog.  ‘OK’ I thought about having business cards made with my blog address.  I mentioned the idea to Laura, my life coach.  She  lit up and said do it!  When Laura gets excited for me, it’s like magic sparkles on top of an idea.

So I took that confidence boost, ordered business cards and started giving them out.  It felt like a big deal at the time. Giving out cards declared my blog important to more than just me.   It felt scary to start giving them to friends and some strangers.  Know what?  No one laughed and I didn’t look silly.  People have been genuinely excited for me.  Know what else?  Fear is a big fat smelly liar.  And I feel a bit brave.  And clowns are scary.



  1. Bravery is relative.
  2. Scared?  Do it anyway…unless you’re going to kiss a shark or ride a wild bear.
  3. People love what you love.  Give them a chance.


Business card site: Moo (awesome name)

Be Braver in Your Everyday Life


September 15, 2018

Paula Stokes

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