A love letter to my girlfriends

Oct, 01, 2018

My girlfriends are amazing and fun.  They’re a bit weird and funny.  They have a semi-appropriate sense of humor.  My close friends are kinda tough; there are no gloomy personalities in the bunch. Most of us have tried tons of fun outdoor activities.  They’re amazing moms, professionals and athletes.  They’re all whip smart and truly kind.  They live near and far.  I don’t always see them but they’re solid.  Let me break it down a bit further.


Rock star moms? They can finish a task while entertaining a two year old (that’s a super power).  They cook clean and keep their home together and manage to throw a nice birthday party for their husband or best friend.  Their kids are growing up to be good humans, some of my friends have raised very cool adults.  Kids I’ve known for 20 years are social crusaders, world travelers and researchers.  All of my friend’s kids are amazing people and are well loved.

Athletes?  My friends hike mountain trails, ski, run races, paddle board, kayak and bike.  They travel to exotic places to kite surf and run triathlons.  They tough out a race and finish even when it hurts a bit.  Some of these women have finished Ironman, marathons, hiked mountain circuits solo and paddling races.

Professionals?  They’re nurses, students, analysts, teachers, professors, therapists and business women.  They manage money, help the community and literally save lives each day.   They show up and do a great job with a smile on their face.

Clockwise from Left:  Donna, Sunday, Mo, Ruth, Me, Linda and Shirley

Semi appropriate sense of humor?  Everyone tells the occasional not for your grandma’s ears joke.  We all laugh at them.  We can all laugh at ourselves and keep the mood light in dark times.   I feel comfortable saying we all wait to see if someone’s hurt before we laugh at a fall.

Most importantly, my friends are truly kind.  My friends have forced me to cry about my troubles and laugh during tough times.  None of them are violent but….they are protective.  My friends are the cheerleaders we all wish we had.  I love them.  My friends love me…just the way I am.

Thanks!  For shared tears and laughter.  For adventures and safe havens.

For Susie, Krista, K2, Carmen, Karla, Layla, Linda, Sunday, Donna, Leah, Traci, Ashley, Amy, Aline, Lili, Marty, Mo, Adrienne, Genevie, Ellie, Katie, Kate, Liz, Denise A, Denise S, Dashka, Julie, Cecelia,  and all the girls I work with and anyone I missed.

Love you!!!!




October 6, 2018

Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.


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    October 2, 2018

    Look at you go! What an absolutely beautiful thing to do. To acknowledge and share your tribe. You are awesome!💕

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    October 3, 2018

    You keep my spirits high…All my love to you dear friend!!

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    Kate Reinders

    October 9, 2018

    I feel lucky to be included in your power tribe Paula😊

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