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Oct, 06, 2018

Alright, I admit I fell off the weight loss train.  The minute we left for Montana, I was the snack master and didn’t hold back on red wine either.  Apparently, I’m diet challenged.

Today, I’m starting a new health campaign.  Instead of discussing  being ‘fat’ or focusing on weight loss, I’ve decided to make some healthy changes.   I indulged in a fun night of sugary snacks and drinks last evening with my friend Karla.  We watched a stupid movie, drank wine and ate Swedish fish if you’re wondering.

So terrible  terribly delicious and fun….Until  I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, “wow, you look like you drink.”  By that I mean my face was swollen and flushed, my eyes red and puffy.  Even worse, I had a terrible sleep and didn’t wake rested.

Fact: I indulge in treats and alcohol too often.  It’s time for some consistent healthy choices.  So without any hoopla or lists or promises I’m starting off day to day…

Day 1:  Instead of sleeping in (which was very tempting) I forced myself out of bed.  I did a 3 mile run with my Saturday morning run friends and looked more human when I was done.  I had some turmeric tea and ate homemade soup for lunch.  Now I’m soaking in some vitamin D over some Chai and writing this latest confessional.

Tonight I’m cracking open The Plant Paradox  by Steven Gundry, MD.  I bought the book after talking to a co-worker.  I mentioned she looked great.  I said, “you’ve lost what… 20 Pounds?”  She admitted she’d lost 40.  Jaw drop!  She tried the diet due to health problems.  Not only did her health improve dramatically, she lost forty! 4-0! 40 pounds in 9 months!!!!  I’m intrigued; I’d say excited but that’s completely untrue.  The book intimidates me.  I’m  pretty honest with myself.  I love food.  I even write about it and likely to write about it again soon.

I love all food: buttered popcorn, candy, the occasional hotdog, bacon and pizza are some of my favorites.  Pretty sure they won’t be on the diet.  Dammit, just realized I’m very likely to have popcorn tonight….but I’ll eat it while reading the book.  Regardless of how my latest health push turns out, it’s always good to try.  Do better, even if it’s just a bit for a little while.

The Plant Paradox The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain Dr. Steven R. Gundry, M.D.



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October 7, 2018

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