Oct, 16, 2018

I think everyone should vote. Did you know?…

The “U.S. is ranked among the worst in developed nations in voter turnout, according to one analysis.”

We are 31st out of 35!

“…In August (2016), the Pew Research Center ranked the U.S. 31st out of 35 countries for voter turnout based on the voting age populace, among the mostly democratic nations that are a part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The study showed 53 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. cast ballots in 2012, the last time a presidential election was held, with about 129 million people out of a potential 241 million citizens taking part in the election….”

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What the heck America?  We’re losing a competition.  Just saying…where’s the  USA, USA, USA chants?  Remember the olympics?

Pretty sure we’re not medaling on this one. Bronze?  nope….is this good enough?  No way!  Get out there and vote.  FYI Belgium and Turkey are ahead.  Seriously!  Canada is beating us…get competitive.  Vote!!!!


Voting rocks” photo credit Doreen Standfish, The Seeing Bellingham Group

October 10, 2018

Paula Stokes

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