Walk a mile in the shoes of a vegetable farmer and you will soon discover that they spend most of their day on their hands and knees: the tasks of tending to the sweet, yummy, simple things that nourish our bodies most often happens between the ground and three feet above.  The tasks are simple and straight-forward, as they are usually down a row… The complexity begins to sink in when considering that, as a farmer, we are mere fascilitators in this massive process. We till the soil, spread the compost, mix in the fertilizer, sow the seed, plant the starts, watch the weather and water as needed, we train the vines, prune the suckers, weed with our fingers, harvest and ask our community to be nourished.
No one asks the crops to grow, they just do.  just like no one asked you to have potential…
it was already given.


Cedarville Farms is a local CSA in Bellingham WA.  Here’s a link to sign up for some great local vegetables from May-November.

Welcome Taylor Hansen!  She’s a bright and shiny recent college grad.  She worked four local farms this summer.  I was lucky enough to volunteer with her on Cedarville Farms in Bellingham.  I love her reflection and photos on  farming.    I’m sure you do too….Paula 

Taylor Hansen

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