Right for your heart…Part 2

Nov, 20, 2018

Making a decision based on someone else will never bring you happiness.  Last year I had another go on that learning lesson.

I started planning a trip in February and met Roger April 1st.  We fell into a near instant relationship.  We skipped dating because neither of us really know how to date at this point of our life.  My friend Krista worried it was too soon for a serious relationship.  I was terrified but thought it was also perfect.  I was leaving anyway.  No risk, just some fun for a month.  The month was fun, lovely and then I fell in love.

Every six months-ish  my travel bug starts tickling my feet and I have to get away.  This time, I took a leave of absence from work   I was several months out of a long relationship and on an upswing of energy and creativity.  The world felt wide open.  I looked at my travel bucket list and decided that it was time for Nepal.  Reflecting back, I think I was working my way to a trip like this from the get go.  

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Indian proverb, its first contemporary use was by Fernando Sabino, a Portuguese author

I left as planned.  I started by meeting my friend Katie in Hong Kong, another friend Danelle in Thailand and solo to Nepal. The trip was good with one big exception.  I missed Roger.  I spent much of that time afraid this short trip would leave me alone.  

Luckily I remembered three pieces of advice.  

  1. Do what you love and you’ll end up with people you love. -My Mom
  2. Enjoy the now. -My sister Carmen
  3. Never make a decision based on a boy.  -Hard won advice from yours truly

I stayed on track until I felt like I was trudging instead of traveling.  My original plan was 3-6 months.  I lasted 6 weeks.  I explored Hong Kong, explored some Thai islands, bathed elephants, finally saw Kathmandu and trekked to the base of Annapurna. 

I’m glad I went.   Along the way, I learned: I’m physically tougher than I thought, how to speak my mind even when it costs me a friend and the folks who should be in your life will still be there.  And I learned I am brave.

For the record, Roger picked me up at the airport…with flowers from his garden.   We now live…and travel together. 


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