Cedarville Farm by Taylor (and Paula)

Nov, 21, 2018

“There are things I do just for fun.  I run, eat, drink good wine, bike… you get the picture.  And…. there are things I do to fill my soul. Volunteering a few hours a week on my friends Mike and Kim Finger’s organic farm is a soul filler.  Cedarville Farm is a local, organic farm that supplies local restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets and a CSA program.  Taylor and I built this box a few weeks ago.  It’s a typical weekly box from Cedarville Farm.” -Paula

Community Shared Agriculture [CSA] Boxes are a wonderful way to support a local farmer by buying a share of their farm.  There is no labor requirement  although work share options are common.  A CSA in short is a season of prepaid vegetables.  Yet it’s much more.  

“With CSA…You know where your food comes from; we know who our customers are – “farming with a  face”, the Japanese have aptly called it. Your financial commitment helps our farm invest in initial early season necessities like seeds, materials, labor and much more. In exchange ….producing an abundant harvest of  organically grown  product, harvested fresh and delivered to a convenient pick up site near you….

–Mike Finger, Farmer/Co-Owner of Cedarville Farms

I worked as an employee on the farm for the season.  I, of course, was paid in actual money with the bonus of veggies.  Paula was a volunteer work share.  In exchange for a few hours work, she was able to bring home yummy organic vegetables.   A work share is a great option for anyone who wants to dig in the dirt occasionally. 

Working or volunteering on a farm can be hard but… it is a bit of magic.  Digging in the dirt or packing beautiful food for people is satisfying food for the soul.  You’ll dig it.  (Cheesy joke added by Paula…)


Cedarville Farm | About Us and How We Farm. Or you can follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cedarvillefarm/

Find a local CSA or work share.  Community Supported Agriculture – Local Harvest

Or travel internationally!  WWOOF. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

All photos by Taylor Hansen © 2018

Taylor Hansen

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