I’m dreaming of snowy nights

Dec, 24, 2018

Did you notice that gorgeous full moon Friday?  It happened to fall on Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  I know some of you hate this time of year.  It’s cold, daylight is in short supply, the weather is usually crummy and the stress of the holidays is at a high.  I like it.  I find peace in long nights with cozy fires and getting to bed early.  

Today, I’m reminiscing on childhood snow nights.  During a good snow storm, we’d go outside after dinner.  To get there, we had to walk through our unfinished basement to the back door.  For the record,  it was a small act of courage.  The steps downstairs were missing the risers so I just knew something could reach through and grab me someday.  I risked it because…SNOW!  

I have a clear memory of that basement door, potentially the best place on earth for a kid during a good snow. The door had a clear glass window, low enough for a kid to see outside on tippy toes. A porch light shaped like a bell just outside shone on flakes of snow sparkling against the black sky. Snow toys and gear were ready for us next to that magic door: mini-skis, sleds, shovels, boots, gloves, hats and gloves were all waiting for us.  The anticipation of going outside into the winter night was almost the best part.

If there was snow, we would be outside for hours.  It was cold but it took a long time to notice.  I usually lasted until my wool mittens froze through to my fingers. Living on the west coast, the snow didn’t always stay around for long. We had to use our time efficiently. Snow ball fights, making snowmen and forts were necessary activities. I remember climbing up and skiing down a 20 foot hill in our back yard for hours.

Today, I’m at home enjoying the fire and our little tree. It’s raining out, typical for the Northwest. Maybe we’ll get cold snap and some snow soon. Hope so, I’m in the mood for a snowball fight. Now where did I put those k-tel skis?

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December 17, 2018
December 26, 2018

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