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Jan, 05, 2019

I have completed the first of seventeen weeks of marathon training. Some of you may wonder what that looks like.

My starting point was 8-9 miles a week. Last week I ran 9 miles. This week I completed 11 miles. My runs were between two and four miles, Sound kinda puny? Well, even small steps on a long journey will still get you there…eventually.

I’ll increase my mileage by about 10% each week, allowing for low mileage/rest weeks. I can build up to 50 miles/week by May….just in time for the marathon. Next week’s goal is 13 miles.

To keep myself injury-free, I’m focusing on my diet and sleep. Donna, my very fit friend also challenged me to a 30 day abs challenge….I’m on day 5 today. I’m also dabbling with Foundation Training, a form of stretch and strengthening. I’ll talk more about that stuff later.

Considering how well this week went, I think I’m on track for another successful week!

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Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.

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    January 6, 2019

    Yay Paula!! You can do it!!

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