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Jan, 10, 2019

I’m feeling good this morning. Just finished a run and it’s not even six. My buddy Anna is nice enough to show up at 5 AM on a day off. We did a quick out-and-back, 30 minute run. I’m on week 2 of 17. I’m keeping up and it’s opening up some clarity. My sleep has improved and my diet is (slightly) better. All in all, I’d say things are going well. This week my goal is 13 miles. I owe the running bank 5.51 miles this week. That still seems puny….but very realistic.

Goals need to be achievable. I was inspired to further define my marathon and other goals this week by Jonathon Fields at The Good Life Project. His podcast talks about success scaffolding this week. The title is impressive: To Succeed at Anything, Do This. Well, ok Jonathon, I’ll try it.

A thought from the podcast, ‘you only need a 3% buy in to start’. That’s completely paraphrased but I love the idea. I’m definitely over 3% convinced on my marathon. I think I might even be 4%.

Paula Stokes

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