I’m starting to hear why do a marathon? Honestly, at first, my inspiration was a magazine cover. The November/December Runners World featured: Best Reasons to Run the Marathon.

Also, just look at her legs! Talk about inspiration to exercise!

As I walked through the Seattle airport, I passed it over thinking I wasn’t running enough to buy a magazine about running. Of course… I went back! I bought the issue. It turned out to be the small spark I needed to get started on a big goal. By the time we landed in Oakland, the articles had me missing long runs and finish lines.

I spent the next few days convincing myself I had time and energy to train for another marathon. Before I flew home, I’d signed up for the Vancouver Marathon May 5.

As of today, I’ve completed week 2 of 17. My mileage is still low. I finished 13 miles total and I’m feeling pretty good. One mistake I’ve made in the past is failing to stick to my plan. I go balls out in the beginning only to slack off later.

Yesterday, I ran with the Saturday morning running group. They’re super consistent and run every week. I try to show up a few times a month. Generally, they run 7-9 miles, my goal for the day was 3.5. The group atmosphere tempted me to go a bit further. Instead, I turned at exactly 1.75 miles. I felt wimpy and my pride was a little stifled. But…I’m in it to finish.

I’m looking forward to being really fit, to running long and eating. I’m sticking to my plan. Today is a full rest day. I’ve planned a walk/talk with coffee in hand. Next week my goal is 14.5 miles. I’m on track.

Small changes eventually add up to HUGE RESULTS

Inspiration for you!

52 Reasons to Run a Marathon | by  DANE RAUSCHENBERG for Runner’s World

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