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Jan, 16, 2019

Heads up, this is a gadget plug.

I love a good gadget. A good gadget is one that is simple, works right out of the box and provides something useful. I bought myself the Garmin Forerunner 35 as a post-Christmas treat when I decided to do the marathon.

The Garmin 35 is an “Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch”. I bought it to track running mileage. Previously I was using my iPhone. It’s great for a lot of things but the Health app I was using is not very precise. The Garmin uses a built in GPS and I find the mileage pretty accurate. You do have manually start the tracking function. It can take some time to configure. In case you forget, there is an automatic step counting function as back up.

The watch auto-tracks pulse as well. Using my resting heart rate, I decide if I’ve recovered from yesterday’s activity . A good pulse rate is in the low 50’s for me and indicates my body is ready for a hard workout. I take it easy when my heart rate is elevated.

There’s a bluetooth/smart watch feature when connected to my iPhone. The watch will buzz if a call comes in or a reminder comes up on my iPhone. It works well. I don’t always use that feature but connect to my iPhone through the Garmin Connect App to download information.

The app is free, gathers information and presents it in a clear chart and graph form. It even gives a little reward banner when you’ve surpassed a PR. I track VO2 max, heart rate and weight trends in the app.

Did I mention the sleep tracker? Fascinating feature, though a friend questioned the accuracy. I’m finding a good sleep record on my watch correlates with feeling rested, so it’s good enough for me.

Additionally, the watch is waterproof to 5 ATM or equivalent of 50 m. It’s small enough to wear all the time, it’s easy to use and has a *rechargeable battery. Overall, I give the Garmin 35 a thumbs up.

where to find it…

*So far my battery is charging well. Another friend has had the watch for 1 year and has battery trouble. I’ll do a wait and see about that.

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