Since thinking more positive thoughts is on my agenda, I’ve decided to declutter a bit today. I find when I cut down on the ‘visual noise’ of clutter, I’m more at peace. I’m using the KonMari method…of course. Instead of deciding which items should go, she encourages people to decide what to keep. The core question of the KonMari method is: Does is spark joy?

I worked on my closet last week. Despite three moves and several trips to donate clothes, I was able to find more to donate. Fascinating! I think my clothes multiply when I’m not looking. Today’s target is the upstairs bathroom. I have a plan: gather, sort, discard excess, organize and place back in an orderly fashion.

Step 1. Gather all bathroom items in one place. I’m gathering all of my shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hair accessories and make up.


Step 2. Place like items in categories.

Like with like.

I think I need more hair ties… 🙂

Step 3. Decide what to keep.

Empties and never use it pile.

Step 4. Replace items in an organized manner.

Everything in its place.

All done! The bathroom is less cluttered and I know I have enough hair ties for a few decades.

Check it out for yourself…


Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.

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    January 19, 2019

    Hi chará, Miguel and I are on the same boat. I read Marie Kondo’s book a while back and I think her method is fantastic. What a great thing to be surrounded only but things that make you glow inside. She has a series on Netflix and we watched the first episode together a couple of nights ago. Inside joke for the ones who have seen it: Decluterring is so sexy… it turns out it’s not only an American thing but a Brazilian thing too 😉 Can’t wait to have you over so you can see what we have done. And can’t wait to see your place. Miss you xoxo

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