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Jan, 27, 2019

Each Sunday I’m checking in with my marathon training progress. This week I added a few too many moving parts and battled with some exhaustion. Marathon training is hard. Now I know why I haven’t tried this in 9 years.

This week my goal was 16.25 miles. I ran 14.15 miles. My legs are not recovering enough to make my goal this week. I shifted a long run to Friday. I was to do 6.5 miles but made it to 4.41 and cramped up. While I wanted to complete 16+ miles this week, I listened to my body and cut it short. I reviewed my training notes (I’m making notes in a bullet journal) and realized I’ve been building up mileage for 4 weeks. I started running regularly the last week of December.

I was explaining the fatigue I’m having to my friend Adrienne. She suggested a 4 week cyclical training schedule: easy, moderate, hard and rest week. I’m taking her advice and reviewed some articles shared below. My plan is to back off for one week. I ran 14 miles comfortably this week. I’ll run easy 11.5 this week and shoot for my 16.25 miles next week.

In the past I’ve pushed myself too far or just given up. I am more determined this time. I owe myself consistent and good training. I’m keeping the promises I made myself:

  • Listen to my body, it’s the only one I have.
  • Be consistent, great things come from small actions.

The right way to train for a marathon (from someone who learned the hard way) |  by Haylee Barber | Better, NBC news

The Most Effective Way to Use Down Weeks | by KRISTIN BARRY | Runners World

January 28, 2019

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