Last week I tried to add in meditation and extra shifts and more running. While I made it through the week, I was exhausted and had to cut my mileage a bit short. I am in the place I usually fail. Just when I start something, I get off track or tired or busy. I get discouraged and follow an old pattern.

I have a pretty clear idea of the why. Since hindsight is 20/20, let me share…

Step 1. I have a small achievement or victory: I lose some weight, start running a bit faster, feeling better… etc. I take that minor accomplishment and get really excited. I add in more stuff and try to use the energy for fixing everything instantly!

Step 2. I overdo it. Instead of focusing and taking another small step toward success, I add in. I work too much, do that one more mile, stop prioritizing good nutrition or sleep. I end up without energy and my performance falls off.

Step 3. I become discouraged and quit. Even worse I half ass it. I phone in my intended goal and end up disappointed in my performance.

Step 4. I feel guilt and beat myself up until… I become inspired to start at Step 1…. and repeat.

I’ve been on that hamster wheel for years. Until now.

I’ve come to my old friend Step 2. I found a maximum and wasn’t recovering. I admit I could see myself quitting. Instead of jumping into step 3 I’m resetting.

Introducing…. Step 5!  STOP, DROP AND ROLL. It’s the steps of self-rescue if you’re on fire. I use the analogy at work when I get way too stressed out to think.

STOP…when you feel like everything is going to hell and on fire–stop. Panicking is never helpful. Today, I took some time to really look at my performance and what was limiting my recovery.

DROP…no matter what is happening, a pause can help. I gave myself permission to rest over the weekend and decided to wait until today for my next workouts.

ROLL…do something to improve your situation. As you read in my running report I am backing off this week’s running schedule. A reduced mileage week will give my legs a chance to recover. This Thursday, I finish my 30 day abs challenge!!! To keep trying for more good vibes, I’m setting a reminder to meditate.

In the past, I have expected perfection in all things, all the time. Of course I failed and even felt bad about it. This time, I’m giving myself the gift of grace. Perfection is a fairytale people! True progress happens when we fail and get back up. And repeat.

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January 31, 2019

Paula Stokes

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