It’s day 30!  I started the Blogilates #100ABCHALLENGE along with some of my friends January 1.  I honestly didn’t think I’d make it through, but I did 100 abs for 30 days!!! Yesterday, I finished day 29 and 30. Believe me I had to MAKE myself do the jackknifes.

How did I finish this challenge?

  • I modified all advanced pilates exercises.
  • I finished the exercises when I could, sometimes I did a make up day or split the 100 into chunks.
  • I had a group of friends and my dude to keep me honest. 
  • I kept my thoughts on how good I would feel when I finished. I kept my eyes on the prize.

What did I learn from this challenge? 

  • I am more physically able than I thought.
  • I can finish a challenge. I haven’t completed an entire challenge like this since junior high. That was a Self magazine diet. It included graham wafers so it was easy.
  • “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.”

I promised I’d show a before picture. I was a little shocked when I looked at this picture. I am not sucking anything in but ‘oh dear’ 😐. So here is my before…

and my after…. Although I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t turn into a fitness model in 30 days, I can see progress. I don’t have a six pack but can see some definition and my upper body lost some chub. I’ll take it…Please forgive me…I retouched my boobies. The nipple struggle is real.

So, what next? How can I take this success and build on it? Starting this 30 Day Plank challenge tomorrow! Join us February 1-30!!!

the details…

The Ultimate 30 day Plank Challenge for your Strongest Core Ever

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