running (rest week) check in…week 5

Feb, 03, 2019

Rest weeks are harder than I thought. I’ve become used to exercising most days and falling into bed happily exhausted. This week I worked a lot and ran very little. My total running mileage was 7.69 miles. For a third workout I swam on Friday. The goal was to maintain my level of fitness and rest my legs.

Although my job is physically demanding, it doesn’t give the outlet a run does. I slept poorly and I was a bit grumpy all week. Full disclosure: my grumpy/sleeplessness was partly due to Roger being away this week.

Rest weeks aren’t all bad. I had a Soup ‘n’ Wine night with some of my gal pals. I made three soups: Vegetarian Chili, Curried Butternut Squash and Minestrone with Meatballs. All the gals brought treats or a favorite addition to the homemade sourdough bread Kate provided. The night was lovely. The table was full with laughter, food and funny stories. The company and food were delicious!

I realize this is the second food post this week. Warning: I’ve been cooking a ton of and will likely share more of this content. Now….Onward to running goals!

This week I’m back to training. My weeks goal is 16.5 miles. That’s a 10% increase of my highest mileage. I’ve started my plank challenge, currently on day 3. I promise to do another before and after abs….Can I just say how terrifying it was to post a picture of my tummy?

Well, cheers. Wishing you all some happiness this week.

recipes and articles for you….

Homemade Vegetarian Chili | Cookie and Kate

Curried Butternut Squash Soup | Minimalist Baker Recipes *a small note: I added a cup of chopped carrots and a cup of chopped leek to this recipe.

I made Minestrone and added meatballs from this recipe: Italian Wedding Soup |Recipe –

February 4, 2019

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