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Feb, 10, 2019

I’m done! This week started out slow due to a cold snap. With wind chill it was in the low teens. That is COLD for our area. Today I finished my week’s mileage. It’s week 5 of 16. 11 weeks until the Vancouver Marathon. My goal was 16.5 miles, I finished 17.14 miles. Getting mileage done isn’t always easy.

There is always an excuse. Too tired, not enough time, didn’t sleep well, I’m working today and more… This week, the cold weather tempted me to stay cozy in front of the fire. I didn’t let an excuse stop me…this time.

At times, I’ve avoided workouts. One skipped day seems like a small decision. Skipped workouts can make a big difference in the long run, especially on race day. I speak from experience. I’ve arrived on the start line of several races having missed workouts. That deficit affects my confidence and makes any race harder than it has to be. I’ve been able to finish races but it didn’t feel good. Instead it felt like suffering.

This training plan, I’m determined to stay on track. Each time I’ve been tempted to avoid a run, I focus on the positive. On race day, I imagine myself cruising across the finish line …with a smile…running not walking…and the ability to walk without a limp after the race.

This week I’m feeling good. Getting out yesterday had it’s perks. Thanks to temperatures in the teens and high winds, hardly a soul was out, I have the satisfaction of completing a 5 mile run, saw gorgeous park scenery and a very cute, tiny mouse.

Need some motivation of your own?

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February 12, 2019

Paula Stokes

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