sometimes, I just sit and think about travel….

Feb, 12, 2019

I found myself daydreaming about travel today. I’m being indulgent because we are currently on vacation in Mexico. Yet, I find myself thinking beyond Baja and toward the South Pacific, Europe, Asia or South America.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned? is a question I often get. I always answer, “That people are fundamentally good around the world.”

Jada Yuan

I was meandering the internet and found the 52 Places Traveler 2018. Jada Yuan traveled for the year solo for the New York Times. She was chosen from 13,000 applicants! It sounds like a dream job. Apparently it was…and it wasn’t. Check out her reflections in this article.

“Facing the Future in Laos and the Cambodian Coast” is a recap of Yuan’s 52 place journey.  

Paula Stokes

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