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Feb, 17, 2019

I have a confession… I’m off track. Completely stopped abdominal workouts and only managed minimal running since starting my vacation. I’ve snorkeled, hiked, run and whale watched here in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sud….

As far as the plank challenge, I dropped off after only a few days and I have a list of excuses…

  1. Takes too much time.
  2. Life side tracked me.
  3. I was tired.
  4. I’m traveling.
  5. I worked a lot.
  6. It’s hard

My list is long compared with the list of truths…

  1. I got lazy.
  2. It’s a lot easier to complete a challenge in a group.

I ran three times last week. The desert heat and sand shortened my runs. I’m kind of OK with that. Oh! There was a puppy.

In the past, my biggest failures have started small. I became overwhelmed by set backs that are a normal part of any training. I’d like to change that. I know skipping workouts and getting off track isn’t unique. Try googling skipped workouts…it is alarming (or comforting?) how many articles there are.

“Why are we skipping workouts, really?
You say that you’re skipping workouts because you’re too tired or too busy to exercise. But, usually, there’s more going on underneath the surface of those excuses …”

Julia Tehovnik, a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Chicago who specializes in sports and health psychology

It’s hard to do every intended workout. Ask someone who is super fit how they got there. You’re going to get one answer: a ton of hard work and consistency. Not long ago, I had a quick chat with my fellow nurse Tyler aka @theincrediblegingerhulk.

He’s a competitive body builder and often hears “How did you get so cut?” His answer? Hard work and consistency for several years. He has a list of excuses would stop a lot of people: works night shift, commutes over 1/2 hour to work each way, he’s married and could even add in my puny list of excuses. In real life he’s enormous if you’re wondering. Check him out!!! AND… he’s a super nice guy! While not everyone wants to be cut like Tyler, his advice is simple and solid. Consistent work over time gives amazing results.

I’m still planning to finish my race with a smile in May so, it’s time to accept my failure and try again. Yesterday I had a lovely 5 mile run along the water in La Paz, BCS. It’s a good start….

more info…

How to Break the Habit of Skipping Workouts for Good – Aaptiv

Tyler Osborn | Instagram  V

The Secrets to Consistent Running (even when you don’t feel like it) | by JASON FITZGERALD

February 20, 2019

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