Cabo Pulmo recap…

Feb, 20, 2019

I’m sitting at Pepe’s to write a few thoughts about Cabo Pulmo. This is almost the end of the line. Only it’s more of a back out of the way place. We’re on a back road to Cabo San Lucas from here. It’s much easier to backtrack 1/2 an hour to the highway. Pepe’s is a ‘pizza’ place on the edge of Cabo Pulmo, a tiny town in south Baja. For the record, Pepe’s has bad-ass internet unlike most places.

The grader has been working the road for the past three days. That’s making the road better but there’s more dust. That’s hard to do if you’re wondering. This little town is right on the water but the climate is pure desert. I’ve seen a lot of cacti on this trip.

Cabo Pulmo consists of a few restaurants, some dive tour shops and hotels snugged up to the Cabo Pulmo Marine Conservation area. There’s some stellar beaches and water here.

Pepe’s has a raven named Jose Cuervo with a broken wing. There’s also a booby. The booby is not blue footed and missing a wing. His poor wing is attached to a board with “he came to our beer with a broken wing” written underneath.

Macabre? Yeah, probably. I tried to pet it the booby. I think the booby is pissed.

Or he’s used to being fed fish and not being petted. Jose Cuervo looks a little rugged too.

Mexico does things differently. While folks in the US may have rushed the birds to an animal hospital, the owners of Pepe’s set up some cages and let the birds hang out relatively free and safe. They’re not suffering as far as I can tell. I’d bet $100 neither bird would have lived more than a few days without this setup. According to the owner the raven has been here 6 or 7 months, the booby’s been here for a few months.

I’ve been saying, let’s go to Pepe’s. No one else wanted to go. So, here I am solo. The crowd is a bit disappointing. It’s just me, the raven, the booby and 2 bored owners? employees? Oh wait, a local has joined us. I had to come and try the pizza.

Somehow, I was grumpy when I arrived. I’ve been here for a week sipping beer on the beach and eating delicious tacos and fresh fish. I literally have nothing to complain about. Just felt the grumps so shot out solo to write it out. It’s working. It’s sinking in how fortunate I am that I can fly to Mexico and have a Pacifico in a little restaurant with a raven named Jose Cuervo.

Sometimes I get the lonely’s. I don’t feel lonely when I’m alone instead I often crave some elusive connection. Seeing Jose in his little enclosure reminds me that I’m not quite the sad sack I thought I was.

Really, I’m fortunate. I’m loved. I’m healthy. I guess I needed to meed Jose to remember that.

February 24, 2019

Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.


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    February 20, 2019

    A raven named after tequila? Literally two of my mom’s favorite things – he must be her spirit animal! I’m glad he was there to raise your spirits, friend!!

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    Kate Reinders

    February 26, 2019

    I’m sad I never made it to Pepe’s to see the birds of misfortune- I think the one winged booby in a Baja beach bar is going to be my new spirit animal. It’s a good example of being grateful for the present moment – call it “mindfulness” or blah blah blah (the mindfulness buzz word bugs me can you tell?). The one winged booby’s life would be better if he had two wings and lived in the wild with his big booby family (haha) but no amount of wishing or perseveration about the “if onlys” will make this a true option in reality so why waste your emotional energy on it?
    Thanks Paula for meeting Pepe’s birds for me 🙂

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