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Feb, 24, 2019

I’ve been home three days and been sick the whole time. I enjoyed eight healthy days away in Mexico. We got home and I fell into bed. By 5 AM, I’d spent a good deal of time in the bathroom and called off work. I rarely call in sick. At mid-morning, I was sure I’d made the right decision. I’d thrown up my ‘breakfast’ of electrolyte water and Thursday’s food as well as pooped my brains out.

“Travelers’ diarrhea is the most common travel-related illness. It can occur anywhere, but the highest-risk destinations are in most of Asia (except for Japan) as well as the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Central and South America…”

Center for Disease Control

As a rule, I enjoy full health for which I’m grateful. After three days of discomfort, I’m ready to heal my body and maybe even improve it. To start, I went to the Food Co-Op to see my friend Allison. Her expert nutrition and supplement advice has helped me through hormone changes, lack of sleep and stress in the past year.

She suggested a few items: Aloe juice to heal my digestive system along and some super probiotics to add some good stuff back in. I added collagen powder, bone broth almond and coconut milk.

The trip though the grocery store was sobering. I walked by my favorite foods and felt my stomach lurch. I avoided the meat aisle, ignored my usual friend dairy and skipped the refined carbs; great choices for healthier days.

My gut is on the mend. All has ‘ahem’ slowed down. But, I’m sad to report I haven’t had coffee in several days. I’d say I miss it but the smell currently makes my tummy turn. So sad. Since Friday, I’ve tolerated a tiny amount of rice, soup, gatorade, a few crackers and two bananas.

I’m done with the BRAT diet. It’s no bueno after three days. I can make gut friendly and yummy healing foods. So, tonight I’m making some veggie and tofu miso soup. Wish me and my stomach some luck. We need it.

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