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Mar, 01, 2019

Seven days in Baja California gave me some great intel. I had a list of fun must do’s and ideas about Mexico. I hadn’t been to Mexico for many years. I’ve never been to Baja. We met our friends Kate, Randall and Dillon….

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort was our home base. It’s made up of a little dive shop and casitas in the Cabo Pulmo Marine Conservation area at the end of a long and dusty road.

Our trip goal was relax, sun and some activity on a loose schedule. After reading up on Cabo Pulmo, I was ready to dive and surf and everything in between. Instead, we snorkeled and whale watched, hiked and ran the trails, ate and drank delicious food, drove up and down southern Baja, hunted scorpions and busted a myth.

I saw a Facebook post that claimed stacking the 1, 2, 5 and 10 peso coins forms a Mayan Calendar. Myth busted… at least not the ones I tried. It was fun to try.

Whale sharks really are gentle giants. We swam with them in the bay around La Paz. Magic! I didn’t manage a picture or video but Little Birdy Travel managed to capture the experience. I currently want to travel the world swimming with whale sharks. It’s a bit like jumping in front of a gently swimming bus, scary but magical.

Scorpions do glow in the dark but are hard to find. I was excited to find scorpions after reading Kinga Phillips’ article Stars, Scorpions and Sharks…Welcome to Cabo Pulmo. We brought a UV light for hunting on Kinga’s advice. I figured it would be easy to find scorpions and love seeing animals I’d never see at home.

Newsflash: The small size and light brown color make scorpions difficult to see. With bright headlamps, the scorpion we found was almost invisible. On the left, you can see Kinga Phillips’ brave and beautiful picture. On the right, please enjoy our safe and comfortable, terrible image. Rog and I spent about an hour hunting and found one small scorpion. It was 5 ft away… on the other side of a wall. We walked back scanning with a UV light the entire way.


Despite the scorpions, Mexico is pretty safe simply using common sense. Some media hypes Mexico as volatile and filled with criminals. There are bad people everywhere but, we found kind souls at every turn. During a fairly long wrong turn in La Paz, we asked directions in English sprinkled with Spanish. Five different people helped get us back on track including police, gas station attendants, taxi drivers and general citizens.

We found Baja safe, serene and easy to navigate. It’s a do-over for next year.

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    Katy Vilders

    March 4, 2019

    Agree 100%. We had the same experience getting turned around in La Paz! All good though, just a little glimpse of different neighborhoods than we’d normally plan to visit. Would love to have a place in Baja someday!

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