running check in…8 weeks to go

Last week I panicked. I thought that’s it, I’ve failed. My doubt was ready to take over and quit training all together. I sat down and bitched about how behind I was. I sunk into the couch in sweats and focused about how many runs I’d missed and how little mileage I’d done.

Plan B came up. “You can always drop down to the 1/2 (marathon),” Roger reminded me. My reaction was a little much. I snapped, “no way! I’m still on plan A!” I exclaimed that I just needed to run. He said, “so run then”. I did.

I put down my doubt and restarted my training. Last week I managed 18 miles. I take that as a win coming off illness and getting back to work. This week, I finished 25 miles including my long run. I’m seeing some positive changes. I’m sleeping better, my clothes are fitting bit better and I’ve made it to my first distance goal of 10 miles.

I was inspired by my friend Layla, I signed up for the Honeywagon Runs March 23. She’s running Vancouver with me and ran a 1/2 last week. I officially like running again, it just took 8 weeks and a few couch sessions.

Don’t worry there will be a race report….

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