the middle is the hard part…

Mar, 22, 2019
check out his gear. It’s on a unicycle!

This is Charles whom we met just south of Cabo Pulmo. Charles was finishing up a solo, 975 mile walking trip from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.

He was pushing all of his gear on a rigged up unicycle. His camping gear, a fishing rod, food water and extras were all strapped on. Note the billy club on top. I asked him about it. He said it was for his protection but mostly against dogs. We had a lovely 10 minute chat and asked all sorts of questions. He was very pleasant and very matter of fact about his accomplishment.

I’m sitting here with my feet up wondering if Charles made it. He was weeks into his journey and seemed confident with about 60 miles to finish. I just assume he finished.

This is where we met Charles.

He was about to finish a big accomplishment. I’m contemplating the middle 914 miles he’d already covered. I’d imagine the first mile wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s all the steps in between that come with tedium, frustration and often a bit of pain make it hard. In life, no large task can be accomplished without that middle work.

I think we can take inspiration from Charles. One step at a time to climb a mountain, bake 100 pies, build something from scratch or learned a new language. Starting is hard and finishing always feels great. We just have to get past the middle. work.

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    Kate Reinders

    March 22, 2019

    I also thought the first 3 miles were the hard part of any run, once I gained momentum it was a bit easier! Then the last mile always feels like the Looooongest mile ever. What do you think Charles felt like in the last mile….rejoining the full blown city life of Cabo would probably be the hardest part.

    • Reply

      Paula Stokes

      March 24, 2019

      Oh man I can’t imagine that reentry.

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