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Apr, 09, 2019

Less than a month from my first marathon in over ten years, I’m still determined to get through smiling. Exciting!!! Running this race has always been a way to increase mileage and continue on far past May 5. Changing my end goal takes some of the pressure off this race day.

That leaves room for my next plan. I’m considering a 50k as an alternate goal. I found an 18 week training plan I’ll start May 13. I can bump up mileage to the 50K range over the summer.

My friend Polly at Fairhaven Runners and Walkers was helping me with shoes yesterday. I mentioned feeling undertrained due to injuries and ‘sigh’ age. She suggested I look into Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method for the marathon.

To manage some of the aches and pains I’ve been experiencing, my run race day plan is simple…

  1. Run a mile, walk 30-60 seconds repeat…26 times.
  2. Under 4:30:00.
  3. No injuries.
  4. Finish with a smile.

I’ll sign off here, update you soon. Cheers, and happy spring!

master plan stuff…

18 week 50K Training Plan

This 17-Time Marathoner Tried Run-Walking a Race. Here’s What Happened | Runner’s World

Paula Stokes

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    Donna J Janigo

    April 9, 2019

    I ran several marathons using the Jeff Galloway method – it works! Just make sure you take the walk breaks early – even though you won’t feel like it. After mile 20 – if you don’t want to take the breaks, feel free to run the last 6 miles – passing people who didn’t take walk breaks early 🙂

    • Reply

      Paula Stokes

      April 23, 2019

      Donna, you’re fairly amazing. Just sayin’

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