Camino Primitivo…the details…

Apr, 30, 2019

The Camino Primitivo is one of many traditional pilgrimage which end at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The Primitivo is a 315 km/195.7 mile trail starting from Oviedo, Spain.  I have two weeks to complete hike/walk/running an average of 14 miles a day. I’ve traveled to Spain for a camino two other times. This is my first time on the Primitivo.

First traveled in 814 by King Alfonso the Chaste, the Camino Primitivo is considered a Christian pilgrimage. But, the Caminos were originally a pagan tradition. Up until the 9th century, the route was known as Via Finisterre. Celtic pilgrims traveled to Finisterre “in search of Land’s End and the Sun’s resting place”

Currently the exchange is looking pretty good. 


That makes my daily cost about 30-50€ or $34-57 a day.  My flights are booked: Vancouver to London (Gatwick) $640 then a hop to Oviedo for $79. I’ll book my return flight to Gatwick when I get close to the end of my trip.  

I’m going on the cheap. Most nights I’ll sleep in Albuergues, hostels reserved for pilgrims on the Camino.   10-15 euros/12-18 USD per night.  Since I plan to run some of the route each day, I’m forwarding my main pack during day for 4-5 euros/day. It’s the first time trying this so a little nervous.

I’m going solo so have some plans for security. Taking a door stop, phone, plan to meet friends at the end, check in call daily with my family and Rog.  Also doing daily mileage with walking sticks for the ‘appearance’ of self defense.

Hopefully, I’ll find my friends Sandy and Frank in Santiago.  They’re doing a camino from Porto, Portugal to Santiago and were the original inspiration for this trip.  Thanks guys!!


Camino Primitivo guide. The Original Way | Stingy Nomads

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