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May, 01, 2019

I had a fun conversation with an architect Sunday. She designs interiors and has done product design.  I was fascinated by her job.  It sounded so interesting compared to what I do and told her so.  She asked what I do. I said I’m a nurse but my fantasy job is writer.  I do write I explained but it would be nice to make a living with it.

I blurted out I’m headed to Spain to do a Camino and write an article!  She asked if I’d gone before.  I said I’d done two trips in the past.  She said, “so you’re an expert”. I laughed at first.  I thought well not really….I thought about it and realized I was at least the expert in the room for this particular trip.  Out of 40 or so people, I was an expert.  I then edited my answer and said, “yes, I’m an expert”… of sorts.

I’m able to travel to Spain solo and return in one piece.  I can manage slight upsets and get from A to B without much of a plan.    My expertise may not be Rick Steeves level but, I can provide good information based on my travel experience.  I believe that’s just enough knowledge to write an article.

This trip is a stretch for me in a few ways.  The daily distance will challenge my endurance and traveling solo will test my resolve.  Most of all, submitting an article will test my courage.  I chatted with Laura this week.  She asked me what I want out of this journey.

I spewed a bit of BS then came up with this…

  • The beginning of my writing career.
  • I’d like to listen to myself.  Walking daily will help me hear some noise, and clear it out.
  • Finish the Camino Primitivo.
  • Return healthier in my head and body.

This trip is a journey toward potential, those places I haven’t yet found. Solo travel used to be an escape.   This trip feels more like I’m going toward something.  I’ve always felt like an underachiever.  As though there’s something more I’m meant to be.  I’ve been lazy and a bit of a coward up until now.  I don’t know, maybe I can find Paula 2.0 in Spain.

Looking forward to meeting her…

Paula Stokes

I love feeling good. I'm on a mission to feel well and sharing that info with you along the way.

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    May 1, 2019

    The current version of Paula is pretty freaking rad, so Paula 2.0 is sure to blow everyone away! Here’s to appreciating who you are and to finding more in yourself. I’m so excited for your physical & emotional journey!

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