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Aug, 19, 2019

According to James Joyce, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Joyce is saying each decision simply takes us down a different path.  That’s cool and all but I’m afraid of portals.

This year I turned 50 and can’t remember the last time I was sure of my next step. At 18, I felt safe and secure in my own skin. I didn’t need to do or be anything special. I had the luxury of knowing it all and blind bravery.  

Since then, I’ve made some fantastic mistakes, lots of them:  I married when I was 20, to the wrong guy.  I refused several good opportunities to get ahead because they weren’t ‘good enough’ for me at the time.  I failed to show up for friends and family.  I didn’t pursue my passions early in life and listened to the naysayers….the list is endless.

These days mistakes feel like life is skidding a little out of control.  I pump the gas pedal  and hope for the best.  Sometimes that works….When it’s all over, I spend a ridiculous amount of time reflecting on that mistake worried I’ll repeat it…which I often do. 

 Yet, all of my mistakes have brought me here at this time. At 50 I have a great group of friends, a good job and love in my life.  I’m healthy.  I think I’ll try making some mistakes.  It worked for 18 year old me. It got me this far…




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September 7, 2019

Paula Stokes

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    Reg Spittle

    August 19, 2019

    Portals expose opportunities.

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