I’ve been thinking about 1%.  I talked about the big learning lesson I had last month. I managed to reach adulthood with the idea perfection is possible.  It’s not, we all make mistakes…even me!SURPRISEDBABY_THUMB.jpeg Much of my time has been focused on how I can do better.  I went to counseling to talk about it, worked out, meditated and sat in giant pools of heart broken tears.  When I was tired of mopping my face, I decided on a 1% approach. “1” just might be the best number ever.    `

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Each day…

I’m forgiving myself for old mistakes by 1%.  That’s tough, self forgiveness is a personal and ongoing challenge.

I’m sensitive and get upset easily.  Recently I’ve tried to stop and try a 1% truth test.  Is what I think about that comment or situation 1% true? 2%? 50% true? 75%?…I have yet to get past 50% in over a month.  Most situations are easily brushed off or forgotten if you take a second, more calm look at them.

A 1% approach to fitness works too.  It’s easy to work on just 1%.  If I try for 1% each month, I’ll be down 12% in one year equaling 17 pounds.  Guess what that would be?  My goal weight.

It works with money too.  1% week could be an easily stashed amount.  If you make $1000 a week, that’s 10 bucks.  In a year and you will have saved $520.  Or try reducing your debt by an extra 1% each month.

Here’s what I’m thinking.  Small changes add up.  Try something yourself. What change could you build over time with 1%?

Suggestions for you…

Hold a plank for 1% longer each day.  Start with 10 seconds and build up.

Walk or run 1% longer each day.   Start with as little as 1 minute out and 1 minute back.

Try to be 1% kinder.

Smile 1% longer.

Give 1% of a paycheck to a charity or someone you know in need.

Sleep 1% longer.

Eat 1% better.

Meditate for 1 minute and add 1% daily.



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