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Jan, 03, 2020

I am truly grateful for my life.  I have a wonderful home, love in my life and I’m healthy.  That said, I love the idea of a perfect day.  They happen…once in a blue, full moon on the third Tuesday that lines up with Venus rising.  I know, I know, in life things go wrong but I still love the idea.  A perfect day is a daily goal.  Oh, and I want my day to be easy too.

Go ahead and assume most of my days are not close to perfect.  My days range from pretty good to terrible. Very seldom can I look back and say everything went well.  Sometimes I can say, ‘that was easy’.  Usually, they’re a mix of good and bad.  Maybe perfect days won’t ever come but my days can get better.

“Ask yourself: What is the habit that I do today that sort of naturally pulls the rest of my life in line?”

–James Clear, Author: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Clear suggests figuring out that one thing that helps everything else.  For instance, most of us know a good night’s sleep will make the next day better.  Drinking enough water, working out, meditating, eating a good breakfast, cutting out alcohol… all great habits but figuring out ‘key’ or ‘meta’ behaviors can cause a positive cascade.  Each of us has a key to doing better.  What’s yours?  Mine is definitely sleep.  When sleep goes everything is harder.  If my head had 8 hours on the pillow?  I’m golden…most of the time.

I’m particularly tuned into my ‘systems’ after listening to James Clear on Melissa Urban’s Whole30’s podcast.  Clear points out that a goal is only “the desired outcome”.  A desired outcome results from the “collection of daily habits that get you there”.  He goes on to point out the current system you (or I) have been running will keep giving the same result.

If your life is perfect, don’t change stop reading and walk away.  I’m going to try to tweak my system a bit.   More sleep, more veggies, less booze, more meditation and exercise.   I’ll keep working on 1% at a time…  But first I’m looking back.  Check out what was buried halfway through my 2019 journal today…


That looks reasonable.


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