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Jan, 09, 2020

When I think of the word ‘money’ I sing the O’jay’s For The Love of Money.  I’ve been singing about money a lot lately.  By end of year I’ll be debt free.  This is not a new goal but I am confident I’ll reach zero debt.  My job hasn’t changed and my bills haven’t gone away but I changed a few things:

1.  I stopped using credit cards  ‘pretend’ money.

In November I stopped using ‘pretend’ money aka credit cards.  Before November, I used credit whenever I didn’t have cash.  To be clear it wasn’t for emergencies.  I just pulled out my wallet and bought items with a card when my bank account was low.  I am currently practicing patience.  For the record it’s hard to use only ‘real’ money.

2.  Half of my paycheck goes to debt, every time.

I constantly feel a little broke and have talked myself off the ledge several times.  The hard truth is I have plenty.  I can probably live without the new sweater, pair of shoes or extra lunch date.

3.  I stopped making excuses about why I still owe money.

In the past, I told myself I wasn’t spending that much.  I said I knew people who spend a lot more.  I didn’t really pay attention. I realized I was going to be in a hole for a lot longer if I didn’t change.

4.  I’m being honest to myself and others about money.

This was the hard part.  I sat on the phone with a very money-savvy friend.  She suggested I look back on my spending and decide where I can cut back.  We discussed exactly how much I owed, and figured out a plan to get rid of it for good.  Then I told my partner the amount I owe and my plan to pay it all off.  I’ll let you in on my plan in another post.

Not sure which part was scarier, the deep dive or telling Rog the amount.  He was very sweet about it.

Today, I’m about 45 days into no credit cards.  I’ve paid about 10% of my debt off.  Money is getting easier and I’m more confident.  I’m able to look at my whole money picture more clearly.  Just in the past week I found two online subscription charges, had them reversed for $100, cancelled unused subscriptions for another $40 and caught a $500 fraudulent charge! made a giant $500 mistake that actually went to a credit payment.

Takeaway… I’m feeling pretty good about money, money, money….money…

Even when I make mistakes.


January 21, 2020

Paula Stokes

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