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Jan, 21, 2020

This year, I’d like to take care of things AND have space for creativity AND freedom.  I want some balance.  So…I sat down and asked myself a question.  What do I want more of in 2020?

The answer from my higher power was LIGHT!  The answer was loud, but felt unclear.

I told my friend Anna what she thought about the idea of light.  We were running through an early morning Northwest rainstorm.  “Interesting,” she said.  I asked her to tell me more.  “Light sounds like an element to me”.  Oh my yes I thought!

“Tell me what would you like more of Anna?”  She said, “water” as we splashed through our run.  I guess she’s living in the right place.

Water 💦 is refreshing , cleansing and pure … a new start. It can be cozy as in a hot shower or feel cleansing like after a good rain. And the obvious grand hydration it provides  – Anna Hardesty, PA, running buddy and friend

Anna hit the nail on the head.  According to Chinese Medicine, there are 5 elements:  Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth.  Everyone has some of each element, imbalances can cause disease.

Dr Sonia Perez, an integrative Chinese medicine practitioner states “an imbalance in fire can cause confusion, insomnia and speech problems. (I can claim struggles with all of the above). Individuals having a strong element of fire usually have a very charismatic personality. They make excellent leaders, they are friendly and are very good at socializing”.

I’d like more of that.  I want.  FIRE!

Fire🔥 is warmth. It can burn, leaving room for new life.  It’s cleansing, powerful and energizing.  I’d like more fire to clear away stories I tell myself that no longer serve me. I want more fire to make room for space, freedom and clear the way for more good.

Starting today, I’ll be building that fire.  I’m going to let my passion show and clear out more of the negative.

More to read…

The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine- What Element are You? – Dr Sonia Perez – Integrative Chinese Medicine

Fun fact: Did you know humans emit a very low amount of light?  In 2009, a Japanese study used ultra-sensitive cameras (highly sensitive imaging system using cryogenic charge-coupled device (CCD) camera to image the upper bodies of young men.  According to this study, people glow brightest in the afternoon and dull in the late evening.



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