social distancing is hard…

Apr, 01, 2020

I feel like we’re all having the same, very long, bad day.  There have been some ok moments but frankly the last few weeks seem to be dragging and kinda sucked.  OK I said it.  But why do all the days suck so bad?

I mean…I am hanging out with the world’s cutest dog, evidenced by this morning’s picture…

I’m not suffering but I am struggling….



The world feels different and much bigger without the small everyday connections.  I miss hugging my friends.  I miss walking beside people and shaking hands.  I miss intimacy and normal social interactions. Those all seem so minimal at first glance but…

Why so much anxiety and sadness?  I think the answer is grief.  

We are feeling the loss of our regular routine and contact.  I miss touching, being next to and annoyed by normal proximity.  It’s weird that people cross the street when I walk toward them.  It is difficult to look at everyday objects the same.  A pen, the ATM keypad or a shopping cart could all be harboring a deadly disease.  I miss the ease of everyday.

I know this will end and social distancing is keeping people safe.  I also know it makes each day a little harder than normal.  Stay strong and safe people.  Also, stay 6 ft away.

In case the above dog picture didn’t make you happy and my post made you sad…check out Pluto the latest dog YouTube sensation…he is a—flippin’—dor—able.   And my dog is very cute so I should know.

“Pluto addresses the internets”

Paula Stokes

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