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Jul, 06, 2020

Yesterday, we were driving through our small downtown when a guy in a full-size, lifted 4×4 pickup rolled by with two huge Trump flags, and a big US flag on it.  I also noted a ‘blue lives matter’ sticker.  He was there to send a message.  I got his message and I wanted to yell ‘GO BACK HOME!’ to him.  I didn’t because I am afraid of the potential danger someone like him presents.

Before you get your panties in a bunch and call me a fluffy liberal take a breath.  I am an American and care about our country.  I chose this country as my home.  This guy might feel the same but wasn’t spreading the good.  He was driving around to make a point.

The town I live in is pretty consistently blue.  He’s likely from the county which votes red.  Simple cultural difference that we can all understand.  It’s like the town is your core family and the county is that one uncle.  Reverse the colors if you want.  The analogy still works.

Back to my point.   Rolling through a left leaning town with Trump flags on your giant truck sends a message.  The message is ‘#@&! you!  With his truck, flags and stickers he is saying others matter less. That my life matters less.  He’s not looking to discuss. That guy wasn’t about to pull over and do a question and answer session about politics.  He is stirring the pot.  He wants the liberal voters in my city to know his opinion.  We got it Mr Blades.  You advertised your opinion.

But i have sad news.  Mr Blades…you sir have Ultracrepidarianism.

Ultracrepidarianism (noun) the habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

For a few hours, I was stirred up.  I even had a hard time falling asleep last night.  The world felt a bit less safe.  I woke up thinking about that guy in his cheap blade sunglasses and bad haircut.  In the end he didn’t win anyone over.  If anything, he stirred the pot and reminded more of us to vote.  I don’t agree with his politics but I have freinds and family that share the same views.  Your opinion does not offend me.  Stirring the pot does.

Stirring the pot doesn’t change opinions it makes the pot hotter.  So go ahead Mr Blades.  I’m going to wave my American hand at you next time.  Next time I’ll wave and smile then vote for ANYONE but your guy.

Also I love the word ultracrepidarianism.

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