This is me…IMG_1175

and this….

the Himalayas

IMG_2312and these….10392450_10152718406674400_929354331417192273_nfullsizeoutput_13f4also me….

When I was a kid I wanted to be an international spy of mystery.  I wanted to be a short, female James Bond and imagined traveling and having boyfriends.  My friend Susie and I would take little suitcases, paper and pencils around the neighborhood making note of all the excitement.  We probably just drew pictures to be honest.

Susie did not want to be a spy.  Just like my sisters, she wanted to be a mom and wife.  But we were very dedicated at the time. I made it to adulthood, didn’t have kids and neglected to go into the military or any other field giving me practical training.  I became a nurse.  I do travel and occasionally wrestle confused 89-year-old ladies.

And I write.

I’ve settled down in Bellingham having given up the spy dream.  Travel does light me up and I have one boyfriend that comes along on adventures.  Basically, I’m living my dream.

The view near our home.
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