making a list and avoiding it twice

Today, I am battling the procrastination monster again. It looks like this….

I literally have a blanket on my lap. The fire’s going and I’ve been up for two hours. The tasks I’ve completed: placed a few of the ongoing puzzle pieces in, had a coffee, checked email and vaguely thought about being productive. Roger’s already at work.

He asked me casually, “What are you going to do today?” on his way out the door. Deep inside I panicked a bit… I had a tough day at work yesterday and I want to hide under the bed and recover. But, I feel too guilty to do that. Instead, I’m procrastinating, avoiding all things of substance until now.

It may be time of action soon. Time for a list. Does that sound incredibly idle? Well, it is. Yet it does shake things out for me. Making a list reframes my day and helps everything seem more doable. Here it goes…

  1. Deep clean the kitchen.
  2. Catch up on the abs challenge. I’m a day behind. Yikes! 200 ab repeats today.
  3. Change my address, update my contacts.
  4. Banking…still working on streamlining.
  5. Short run (3 miles today).
  6. Make some banana lumpia .

OK, I have my list and written a post! My day feels better already. Time for another coffee break.

Came back to update my list! abs done! Banking done!!!

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Favorite photos

I’m inspired by Nageshwar Saini a photographer for Himalayan Geographic to show some of my own photography.

I took the following pictures traveling Spain, Montana (USA), Bali, Thailand and Nepal.

A butterfly along…

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