Book review: You Are a Badass at Making Money

I wanted to share the motivation for some of my recent posts and my blog in a way.  If you’ve been following along, you know I’m work with life coach, Laura Todd.

One focus of our meetings is money.  Not in a roll in money and disregard the good things in life way.  Rather, we spent a few sessions deciding where I want to be in my life, what I wanted to change and how that would look.  Although I love my job, I decided not to be a nurse until I retire.  I decided to focus back on writing, my dream job.

To be clear, I make a good living at my job as a registered nurse.  My job is rewarding, I have good job security, love my co-workers and get a ton out of caring for patients.  I actually chose nursing for the flexibility and schedule.  I thought I’d have time and energy to write on the side but usually I am exhausted by end of day.  Nursing is just hard, physically and mentally.  We’re nursing, answering phone calls from doctors and family, dressing changes, medication administration and charting….and charting some more.  Yesterday I estimate I was interrupted 50 times.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating.  After ten years, I have a bit of burnout.

That brings me back to the book, You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth.  It’s a good read for anyone (including me) that has conflicting ideas about money.  Sincero covers some basic ideas about money and helps the reader reframe them. Here’s a short list from Sincero’s website:


  1. Play Dumb: Question negative thoughts and beliefs until you arrive at the truth.
  2. Leap Large: Treat fear as a welcome sign that you’re on the right track.
  3. Listen to Yer Daddy: Respect and follow your desires.
  4. Pay Attention Please: Focus focus focus. And then focus some more.
  5. Snooze Not, Lose Not: Start. Now.
  6. Go to the Spiritual Gym: Create a work-out routine for your mindset.
  7. Do or Die: Never give up.
  8. Ask: And ye shall receive
  9. Believe Big: Trust your heart, not your eyes.
  10. Enjoy the Ride: Notice the awesomeness everywhere.

According author Jen Sincero, “Money is one of the most loaded, loved, and loathed topics known to man. Yet even though we use money every single day of our lives, we rarely stop to consider how we feel about it, speak about it, or what we truly believe.”

Jen Sincero is a life coach who transformed herself from “a frustrated forty year-old living in a converted garage watching tumbleweeds blow through her empty bank account, to a successful business owner”.  The book is informative, funny and sincere.

After ten years, I found space to write on my days off.  And I want more.  The Badass book put some wind behind my writing pursuit.  As Sincero says, “Decide and don’t stop until you get there.”  Just keep writing….

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