Refining, defining 90 day goals…

After writing my 90 Day Plan, I sat down with my three goals: fitness, reduced debt and increased blog traffic.  The goals are lofty and will make me a happier human when I achieve them and…way too general.  After all, life happens and general goals get lost in the shuffle.  Instead of giving in to frustration, I decided to work with the choices I made and fine tune my list.

I used 4 steps:

  1. Define my goals.
  2. Schedule the work.
  3. Look for obstacles.
  4. Set a reward for when I achieve my goals.

Let me share how I fine tuned the first goal of fitness.

Define:  outline a specific and measurable goal.

My original goal was fitness.  I refined the goal to: lose 12 pounds, run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon, gain upper body strength.  I looked at that and thought, better but not clear.  I defined the goal one more time.  Here’s the new list:

Lose 12 pounds = 1 pound/week.

Reduce sugar intake by skipping sugar 4 days/week.

Less booze!  Skip the wine most of the time.

Yoga class 12 times…seriously that’s 1/week.

Schedule the Work:  this is the how-to list.

I understand what my goal is.  I want to be healthier, faster and leaner by September 16. To lose weight and get faster, I needed to create a scaffold.  A plan makes it easier to stay on track.

A 12 oz glass of water first thing every morning.

Eat a daily clean breakfast.

Begin this 12 week 1/2 marathon training schedule.

12 classes of yoga checklist. 🔲

Booze free minimum 2 days a week, including “just one glass” of wine at dinner.

List Obstacles: life happens, prepare for some of the challenges.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Generally, I have great intentions near the beginning of any lofty plan.  About halfway, I get tired and fail to see the point.  This is due in part to not defining the goal enough to see my progress. Another piece I often overlook is life happens.  Work, illness or fun can get in the way of achieving goals.  I looked at my defined goals and listed ways I may get sidetracked.

My own mind.  I get in my own way a ton.

Traveling.  I travel quite a bit.  Most months, I’m gone at least one weekend.  That is a barrier to exercise.

Eating out no matter how delicious is a barrier for me.  We eat out once a week or more.  It’s a lot easier to eat poorly or drink that one glass of fill-in the blank when I’m out.

Not prioritizing exercises other than running is a continued challenge.  I’m able to get out and run regularly but need to cross train.

Stretching is not routine…yoga would work…

Finally, schedule for success.

This takes a bit of time each week.  I’m using the bullet journal method.  Here’s a week of tasks laid out.  I’m a bit lazy but don’t hesitate to get fancy.IMG_1582.jpg

And the reward?

I think I’ll wait until day 45.  At that point, I’ll need something to help me refocus.  Perhaps a new outfit or fun destination?  Keep you posted.



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