Tiny houses in the stream…

We spent part of an afternoon exploring a stream in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Roger showed me a tiny treasure, the periwinkle.  Did you know a caddisfly larvae creates a tiny shelter for itself?  Each little larva creates a tiny tube house until it emerges at the surface as a caddisfly. The little homes are affectionately called a ‘periwinkle’.

“They build a case of silk, which holds together substrate materials such as small fragments of rock, sand, small pieces of twig or aquatic plants.  These cases are open at both ends allowing oxygenated water to flow through the cases and over their gills.” Periwinkle Preservation and Conservation Society


Here it is.  I love that a tiny vulnerable creature hangs out in shallow, rushing streams.  The magically beautiful home it creates protects it in two ways.  The weight prevents the larvae from being washed downstream while the hard case armors and conceals it from predators.  This tiny little being creates a safe haven for itself.

I find this empowering.  We can all create a periwinkle of sorts with friends and family, comfy spaces and creating joy around us.

Wishing you all perfect little periwinkles.


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