Amazing faces #4

This adorable human is now 2 1/2.  He likes crackers, his binky and crackers.  Did I mention he likes cracker.   This was taken last year at a family reunion.  Roger is holding onto So-So as he's now nicknamed.  We were enjoying the high desert sun outside of Sisters, Oregon.

Cedarville Farm by Taylor (and Paula)

"There are things I do just for fun.  I run, eat, drink good wine, bike... you get the picture.  And.... there are things I do to fill my soul. Volunteering a few hours a week on my friends Mike and Kim Finger's organic farm is a soul filler.  Cedarville Farm is a local, organic farm …

Amazing faces…#2

This adorable human was gathering walnuts. I was walking on The Camino in northern Spain three years ago.  I stopped and attempted to help her. Instead, she reached into her pail and gave me 2 walnuts.  I still have them.