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I find I’m scattered with so much extra time.  I feel a little adrift.  With all this time, I thought I’d write and have epiphanies constantly.  Instead my thoughts are on FOMO.  Then I realize everyone feels like they’re missing out.

This morning, I headed to work and was given low census.  That means there are too many nurses for the amount of patients in the hospital.  What a nice gift; out early and a bit of sun to boot. On the way home I listened to NPR and they mentioned Big Bird….

And now my FOMO is replaced with a silly question.

What kind of bird is Big Bird?

He has canary feathers yet clearly doesn’t fly.  He does sing… but he’s so darn big.  He’s 8.5 ft tall, which I didn’t know until today.  Big Bird is a childhood favorite of mine second only to the count (insert Lugosi-style, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”).

According to Mike Dickison (Giant Flightless Birds), Big Bird is a stork.  OK Mike but why the fluffy canary yellow?  And pink rings on his legs?

thanks for noodling along with me…

Count von Count | Wikipedia

What Kind of Bird Is Big Bird? | by Juli Leibach | Audobon

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