The world will reflect what you shine….

I wrote this in July.  It’s still true…

The world will reflect what you shine.  I went to Montana tuned up and ready for conflict.  My friend asked if I was concerned traveling during COVID and amongst racial tensions.  Yes and yes I was.  In reflection my whole thought process was weird because we come here to a small cabin off the Missouri River to fish.  The cabin is in the middle of nowhere.  In a week we have been in direct contact with much less than a dozen people.  

The best part is half the time we have no internet or cell phone service.  

A week ago, I was convinced the whole state was a bunch of super political meanies.  A week later and I’m convinced everyone in Montana is just plain nice.  I have been waved at, smiled to and everyone has said hello.   

Here’s the thing.  We can sit on the internet and stay afraid.  We can believe the worst of everyone.  There’s a lot of hate swirling around out there.  That is the dead honest truth.  The governor of Georgia is defying life saving masks, Mississippi is back to lynching and Texas has a bad case of second stage COVID.  

And…there are good people everywhere.  My estimation is that 90% of people are good.  90%!  That’s a good whack of the general population.   We are mostly good.  

I want you to think of everyone you know.  Yes there are always the asshats but what about the rest of the people you know.  I bet 90% are good folk.  Seriously calculate people!

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