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BMO Vancouver marathon

BMO Vancouver Marathon recap

I must apologize.  My trip to the Primitivo in Spain ended up being ‘muy’ social. I have some writing to do! I just got home from Spain Saturday.  I met my two goals in the last three weeks: I ran the BMO Vancouver Marathon May 5 and the walked Camino Primitivo May 11-22.

Wow!  I feel really proud of myself!

First, a recap on the marathon: Layla, Karla and I went to Vancouver the night before the race.  Layla and I ran the full (26.2 mile) race together, Karla ran the 1/2 marathon.  We met Marty out for dinner the night before and she ran the 8k race.  I can happily report everyone finished happy and healthy.

Though I hoped to finish closer to four and a half hours, I walk/ran much of the last 10 miles for a 05:11:15 finish.  My plan always included walk breaks just not quite as much  Layla and I started the race together with 1 mile/1 minute walk cycles at the suggestion of my friend Polly at Fairhaven Runners.  Around mile 10, I asked Layla to go ahead as her pace was a bit faster.  She finished in 04:46:25. Karla finished the 1/2 in 02:19:53. and Marty finished the 8K in 00:56:41 placing in her age group!!

Left to right: Marty, Me, Layla and Karla

The whole truth is this.  I knew I wasn’t going to do a PR.  In fact, my fastest time is 4:36:00 at the 1998 Honolulu Marathon.  It was my first and fastest marathon.  I made the newbie mistake of going out too fast but was in fantastic shape and much younger.  So, 21 years later, I’m about 40 minutes slower….so far.

I had three goals for this race:

  1. Finish.
  2. …with no injuries.
  3. …and a smile on my face.

Happily, I can say I met all three goals.  Although my finish time was slow, I did finish.  With the exception of some blisters, I was injury free.  Thanks fantastic friends, Roger, his cousins and surprise family along the way, I had a giant smile on my face crossing that line.

Stay tuned, Camino Primitivo recap coming soon…

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