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mastering procrastination…

As I work for more life balance, I realize I have a well-developed procrastination muscle. What is procrastination anyway? I mean really what is it? Even thinking about it, I feel the stress in my body. When I put something off, my body tenses up and my mind is less clear. Guess what? It’s just fear.

That jerk fear showed up last month. I didn’t post anything for several days over the holidays and I freaked out. My mind decided I’d never post again. I was stuck in a weird space for a few days.

Instead of forcing it, I gave myself a ‘mulligan’. OK, I thought…I didn’t meet a personal goal for one week, so what? As soon as I let myself off the hook, the log jam in my head released and I was able to ‘gasp!’…write something!

I find when I can visualize a problem, it’s easier to solve. Well, I found this today. It’s a brilliant video about procrastination and fear. The little person inside our head is represented in this video. Even better, the kid’s voice has a British accent.

I think we should be more gentle with ourselves today. It will help us stop procrastinating and give fear the boot. Now go!….

write…. or draw…. or sing… or climb…. or run…. or carve wood…

Go, do you!

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