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Sunday check-in

After a good rest, I’m motivated to get some s__t done today.  it’s Sunday and I have nothing planned.  So I’m going to cook a bit.  OK I’m food obsessed.  I’ve hidden it so well to this point.  Ha!

I have some fresh vegetables from Cedarville Farm to use up.  I have fennel, green beans, red peppers and some extra small, lovely onions.


It’s preserving time.   My cherry tomatoes will get jammy.  Red peppers will get fired up and preserved in olive oil.  The fennel, tiny onions and carrots will some pickle time.

Also, I love the word pickle.

Pickle: c.1400, probably from Middle Dutch pekel “pickle, brine,” or related words in Low German and East Frisian (cf. … Originally a sauce served with meat or fowl; meaning “cucumber preserved in pickle” first recorded 1707, via use of the word for the salty liquid in which meat, etc. was preserved (c.1500). 

Update…. Peppers are oiled, cherry tomatoes are jammin’ and Vietnamese Pickled Carrots done!



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